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Fine perfumery is art- just like music and painting. The creators are, at the same time, artists and skilled chemists and their creations effects us  more than we sometimes realise ourselves.

At COW we are very careful in our selection of fragrances and the perfumers behind the creations are of the greatest importance.
Perfume should be very personal and at COW you will never find anything created to "suit everyone".

To make it easier for you to find your way amongst the fragrances we have filtered them into Fragrance Group, Fragrance Family, Perfumer and Notes

If the fragrance vocabulary is making you confused, you will find a Glossary here.

If you want to order a sample before you make you decision, just go to our SAMPLE SERVICE.

"Perfume is seduction, choose wisely"                                 

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DS & Durga A Lab On Fire AETHER parfum CARNER Barcelona Comme des Garcons Frederic Malle GRAVEL HIRAM GREEN KILIAN PARIS Laura Mercier Marc-Antoine Barrois Mona di Orio Pierre Guillaume RODIN olio lusso SAUF UNUM
Product Type
Accessories Anne-Sophie Chapuis Collection Martine Pallix Perfume Pierre Guillaume
Fragrance Group
floral fresh oriental woody
Fragrance Family
aquatic aromatic/fougere chypre/mossy woods citrus/hesperides dry woods floral floral oriental fruity Gourmand green leather/tobacco oriental soft floral soft oriental spicy woods woody oriental
Alberto Morillas Antoine Maisondieu Benoist Lapouza Bertrand Duchaufour Bruno Jovanovic Calice Becker Carlos Benaim Caroline Dumur David Moltz Dominique Ropion Domitille MIchalo-Bertier Evelyn Boulanger Fabrice Pellegrin Fanny Bal Frank Voelk Fredrik Dalman Hiram Green Jean-Claude Ellena Jean-Marc Chaillan Julien Rasquinet Mackenzie Riley Mark Buxton Maurice Roucel Mona di Orio Nathalie Cetto Oliver Polge Pierre Bourdon Pierre Guillaume Sidonie Lancesseur Sophia Grojsman Thierry Wasser Émelie Coppermann
agave aldambre aldehydes almond amber ambrette ambrettolide ambroxan angelica root apple apricot aquatic asahi zuru maple basil bayleaf beetroot benzoin berg bergamotte birch birch tar black currant black pepper blonde tobacco bourbon vanilla brown sugar burnt oil calamus camomille camphor canapa sativa seed oil candy apple cannabis cardamom cardamome cascarilla bark casgarilla cashmeran cassia flower castoreum cedar cedar leaves cedarwood ceder ceder moss cetalox chili chocolate chrysantemum cinnamon cistus civet clementine clove cocoa cocoa powder coconut coffee cognac coriander cucumber cumaru cumin cyanide cypress cypress root cypriol dried fruit dune grass earth ebony elemi etylacetat eukalyptus fig fir balsam frangipani frankinsence freesia fruity woods galbanum gardenia geranium ginger grapefruit grapefruitjuice grass green leaves green tuberose guaiac wood habdanolide hay heliotroppe hemlock hinoki honey honeysuckle hot chocolate incense indian hemp ink iris iso e super Isparta rose ivy jasmin jasmine juniper berries kumquat labdanum larch lavender leather lemon lemon blossom lemon oil licorice lilly of the valley lime linden litchi lychee magnolia mahogany mandarin mandarine mango maplewood marijuana marshmallow mate mediterranean cypress melon menthanylacetate mimosa mint moss muguet musc muscone musk myrrh narcissus neroli nutmeg oak oak moss okoumé wood oleander olibanum opoponax orange orange blossom orange flower orangejuice orris orris butter osmanthus oud oudh pacific algae papyrus patchouli peach pear peony pepper peppermint peru balsam petals petitgrain phenyloxide pimento pimiento berries pine pineapple pink pepper plum praline radish raspberry red berries red fruit resin rhubarb rice rice powder rose rose oxide rosemary rosewood rum rökelse saffron sage salt saltwater salty vanilla sandal wood sandalwood sandstone styrax tar tea templin cone thyme tiare tobacco tobacco blossom toffee tolu Tolu balsam tonalid tonka tonka bean treemoss tubereuse tuberose absolute vanilla vetiver violet violet leaves violin varnish white lichen white moss white musk white thyme wood woods woody notes ylang-ylang yuzu