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Most of us already know the effects the suns rays has on our skin is bad. We know basking in the sun leads to premature aging of the skin and put us in the risk of developing skin cancer.
There are primarily two types of rays that reach us. UVA and UVB, but what is the difference between them?

- If you ever had a red and painful sun burn, UVB is to blame. (So think UV-Burn)

UVA - The "quiet" rays of the sun. These give no warning as to the damage they are causing.
No redness, no pain but, boy, do they create damage! They are the cause of photo-ageing
(premature aging of the skin. think UV-Aging), penetrating deep down into the dermis, all the way
down to the level where the new skincells are being created. UVB rays "only" reach as far as the
top layer of the epidermis and although that is bad enough, the real and lasting damage is done
by the UVA rays, so in this post let´s focus on them.
In Skandinavia the use of sunscreen is low and most of us only use it if we are planning a trip
to the beach (if then...). Maybe we are totally starved of sunlight after the long and dark winter
when we barely se the sun at all, and want to make the most of it when we get the chance.
After working many years in the cosmetics industry I am appalled to say that sunscreen is at
the bottom of poeples list when buying scincare products. BIG misstake, this should be at the top
of everyones list and used daily.
Often when I bring up the question to a customer I hear things like; "I don't stay out in the sun that much so I don't need it" or
" The sun is not that strong here, so it won't do any damage"

When it comes to premature ageing, there is now so much research proving that if we want to
look young for longer we need to avoid the sun. Many of the things we associate with
aging skin is actually sun damage. Naturally things like bone structure and genetics play a huge part
in the way we age, but actually not as much as we think.

UVA rays (and in part even UVB) is the biggest culprit in this drama. They cause the most forms of
pigmentation, degradation of collagen, loss of elasticity, forming lines and wrinkles.
Research show that over 80% of the damage and ageing of the skin is caused by unprotected exposure
to the sun. It only takes 1 (!) minute of exposure to daylight for the collagen to start degenerating.


This is a photo of a man who, during his many years as
a lorry driver, had sunexposure to the side of his face
closest to the window.
It gives us a very clear picture of the damage caused
by the sun.

If it is a cloudy day, do I still need sunscreen? Oh Yes, you do.
The UVA-rays will penetrate clouds and, as our dear lorry driver knows all too well, even through windows.
The rule is not only to wear it when you can see the sun, but as soon as there is daylight.

365 days of the year- no exceptions!

To pay good money for a serum to help with you hyperpigmentation and then go in the sun without sunscreen
is one step forward and two steps back, don't make that misstake! It's like smoking a cigarette and then eating a sallad
thinking it will somehow reverse the damage, (it won't).

So next time you are shopping for skincare, put the suncreen on the top of you list, trust me- you will not regret it.

Big Hugs,


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