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Cosmetics Milano is a Milan-based company and an ambassador for "Made in Italy" beauty, specialising in the production of next generation self-tanning and skin care products in spray form, with premium market positioning.

Established in Milan in 2015, its philosophy set it apart from the outset: a philosophy which combines the highest product quality and efficacy with innovative and natural formulas. Mindful of the increasingly topical risk of damage caused by UV rays and the restrictions imposed by the World Health Organisation on tanning equipment, Cosmetics Milano has introduced a new concept of natural tanning market in the form of its Pocket Sun range, which is transparent and completely eco-friendly. Guaranteeing a natural, hazel-coloured tan, and overcoming all the criticisms associated with old-style products, such as streakiness and unpleasant scents, it has enjoyed instant media success, becoming a must-have for the top celebrities.

Pocket Sun natural tanning products are the products of choice for women who want a wonderful tan all year round but who still want to take care of their skin. Now, thanks to Cosmetics Milano's ongoing research, the products are now available in spray form: they are non-greasy, simple, stable and micronized. Their cosmetics aim is to hydrate and nourish the skin and to combat the effects of time, with a higher proportion of active ingredient than is found in ordinary creams.

All Cosmetics Milano products are tested and endorsed by the Association of Italian Women Dermatologists.
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