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This timelessly modern brush cup is the vanity accessory you didn’t know you needed. Crafted with Skultuna, the 400-year-old Swedish luxury brand known for its exquisite brasswork, the Brush Cup is designed for storage of Westman Atelier makeup brushes. Skultuna’s heritage pieces have been a favorite of Gucci’s for years. Now, this special collaboration brings exquisite craftsmanship—and a touch of gold—to your beauty ritual.

  • The dimensions of the brush cup are the exact right height—easy enough to tell your makeup brushes apart or grab them on the go.

  • Stand brushes up in the cup after washing. This keeps the bristles from splaying, so you can get a perfect dry every time.

  • To maintain the integrity and shine of the Brush Cup, buff with a non-water soluble cleaner and a dry cloth as needed. Gucci recommends Skultuna's gentle metal polish.

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