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Flawless Finish Make Up Sponge

Flawless Finish Make Up Sponge

210 kr

An innovative, dye-free makeup sponge with a unique S-shape, designed to hug the contours of the face for smooth, even application and the advanced Zero Cell Technology means the sponge will have absolute, minimal product absorption conserving every precious drop so more makeup goes on skin, not on the sponge.


Fragrance-free. Dye-free. Latex-free. Antibacterial-treated. Non-comedogenic. Dermatologist-tested. 

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  1. PREP: Use sponge dampened or dry, picking up product from back of hand.
    2. APPLY: Use s-shaped side to apply product, stippling onto desired areas.
    3. PERFECT: Use top edge or bottom pointed tip for targeted around eyes and nose.
    4. CLEANSE: Wash regularly with soap and water for the most hygienic application.




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