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Definer Soft
Definer Soft

Definer Soft

115 kr

Blend to Perfection:
The Ideal Tool for Creating the Ultimate Flawless Complexion.

Ideally used for base products, moisturisers, primers, foundations, concealers and cream or liquid highlighters and blushers. Use the Barely Definer Soft to create a truly perfect base on which to build more defined finishes with your Definer Hard Sponge.

Suitable for use with all liquid, cream and powdered cosmetics.
The perfect tool for creating light, medium or heavy coverage.
Latex-free making it perfect for sensitive skin.
Washable and long lasting (Wash regularly to avoid bacteria build up)

For best results: Wet with warm water, then squeeze so that the sponge is just a little damp before use. This increases the surface area and allows for quicker application times. Use Definer Soft in a bouncing motion, this method allows foundation to blend better to the skin and makes base products appear as part of the skin.

- Concealer can be applied with the flat side for under the eye area. In this case, apply in a bouncing motion to encourage blood flow and reducing dark circles or if the concealer is being used to cover a blemish, we would recommend using the pointed side and apply a pressing motion.

-Apply liquid foundation to the back of the hand to warm the make-up slightly first, then dab the sponge into the foundation and bounce onto the face, to create a more even airbrushed finished.

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