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Barely Cosmetics

In 2015, Barely launched their innovative, modern make-up sponges.

Since then, Barely's collection of game-changing sponges has taken the beauty world by storm.

Modernising makeup application was the ambition of the brand creator, make-up artist Nicole McEvoy. Throughout her professional career, Nicole used a vast array of makeup tools and found that most sponge applicators wasted product, didn't deliver the kind of finish she desired and were lacking in versatility as they only had one purpose (to blend). These factors formed the specification for a product development brief that led her to create Barely Cosmetics.

Barely Cosmeticʼs versatile make-up sponges absorb 28% less product than leading brands as they are designed to be used slightly damp, therefore minimizing product absorption. Each sponge in the collection is latex free and non-allergenic, making them perfect for customers with sensitive skins.

The sponges are more than just a traditional Blending sponge, when used correctly they can be used for applications of Skincare, Primer, concealer, foundation, setting powder, cream blusher and liquid highlight as well as cream contouring, stippling and because of its trademarked design it makes an easy guide for flicked liner and winged eyeshadow.

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