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Forbidden Games in the group CHRISTMAS / Fragrance for Her at COW parfymeri AB (KilForbidd)
Forbidden Games
Forbidden Games
Forbidden Games
Forbidden Games
Forbidden Games

Forbidden Games

Forbidden Games is a tempting honey-drizzled peach sprinkled with cinnamon bark from Laos, that begs to be bitten. An irresistible floral nectar heart, comprised of Bulgarian rose orpur, geranium bourbon and midnight jasmine, is contained in a confection of sinfully delicious Madagascar vanilla, Laotian honey and spellbinding resinous oil of opoponax.

A gold-toned snake—the ultimate symbol of temptation—lies in wait with flickering crystal eyes, playing between the pull of purity and vanity on the white clutch inspired by a slim cigarette case deeply rooted in Art Deco. Dress a vanity or bedside table, or carry the clutch as an evening bag, it stores essential items safely, with a satisfying click-to-close clasp. The refillable 50ml spray is engraved with a white fresco detailed with danger and original sin. An apple, a grapevine, a door and a snake hint at one’s destiny. True luxury should last a lifetime, and as such, all by KILIAN PARIS fragrance flacons are designed to be refilled.

Notes: Apple, peach, plum, cinnamon, Bulgarian rose, geranium bourbon, jasmine, vanilla, honey, opoponax.

Character: Fruity Floral Harmony


Fragrance Group: Floral


Fragrance Family: Fruity



Kilian Olfactive family: The Narcotics



Kilian Kollektion: In the garden of good and Evil


Perfumer: Calice Becker

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