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Inspiration: A question as request. Elusive, elegant, a scent that lasts well into the evening.

Fragrance story: With its radiant gardenia headspace and ylang-ylang, blooming with tantalizing tuberose, bright neroli, orange blossom and mandarin essence beautifully balance an overdose of sensual sandalwood. A tender touch of vanilla softly impresses into memory.

Key notes: gardenia, ylang-ylang, tuberose, neroli, mandarin essence, sandalwood, vanilla


Two gold-toned snakes—tempting each other—lie in wait with flickering crystal eyes, playing between the pull of purity and vanity on the black clutch inspired by a slim cigarette case deeply rooted in Art Deco. Dress a vanity or bedside table, or carry the clutch as an evening bag, it stores essential items safely, with a satisfying click-to-close clasp. The refillable 50ml spray is engraved with a black fresco detailed with danger and original sin. An apple, a grapevine, a door and a snake hint at one’s destiny. True luxury should last a lifetime, and as such, all KILIAN PARIS fragrance flacons are designed to be refilled.

Character: Floral Woods Harmony


Fragrance Group: Floral


Fragrance Family: Fruity



Kilian Olfactive family: The Narcotics



Kilian Collection: In the garden of good and Evil



Perfumer: Alberto Morillas



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