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Nail Kit

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“If your nails are fragile a crystal file could bring them back into perfect shape. The gentle abrasion helps to stop the nails splitting when filing allowing you to grow strong healthy natural nails” Ruby Hammer

FEATURE Crystal nail file, glass manicure pushy stick and PVC pouch


Crystal Nail File: 
-Glass, unlike metal or other materials, offers a very gentle abrasion and prevents tearing of the nails.
-Made with genuine Czech glass for superior craftsmanship
-To clean simply rinse the abrasive surface under running water before leaving to dry on a towel. 
-Up to 10,000 hours of nail filing per file – lasting a lifetime!

Glass Manicure Pushy Stick:
-Gently removes cuticle skin around the nails.
-Can also be used to shape gel and acrylic nails without damaging the top layer.

Sustainably designed, responsibly made
100% cruelty free
100% Lead free

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