UNUM - Cow Parfymeri


UNUM is about Spirit.

Not only about spirituality.

Born from the awareness that the Spirit goes
beyond all boundaries, embracing the pulsing lifeblood of every population, built on their traditions but without being sterile.

UNUM, as an olfactory tailored company, opened to any artistic contamination wants to talk about that part that is inside each one of us, celebrating what cannot be touched by our hands.

Free and Infinite.

Founder Filippo Sorcinelli is a musician, artist, creative director, photographer and graphic designer who previously worked at the cathedrals in Rimini, Fano and San Benedetto del Tronto at the age of 13. He also became art director of many  prestigious Music Festivals in Italy.

In 2013 he started the perfume house UNUM whose first perfume, LAVS, was inspired by the sacred oils used in the "Chrism Mass" - a ritual in the Catholic Church.
It was originally used to perfume the church clothes that the LAVS studio made for the Vatican.

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